Custom Digital Portrait Commission (Single Subject & Color)





A personalized digital portrait of yourself, a friend, or a pet painted by me! It’s a perfectly thoughtful gift for a loved one or a fun personalized piece of art just for you.

This listing grants you:
•    One 11x14 300dpi single subject digital portrait 
•    Sent to you in both jpeg and png file formats 
•    A portrait that can be used as an avatar or profile picture for you, or even printed and framed as a gift for a friend or loved one
•    Purchase does not include a physical copy of your painting


Buyer’s Notes:
•    Portrait will use one base color of your choosing as seen in the examples
•    Digital commissions of celebrities or public figures are not permitted within this listing.
•    All portraits are based on a singular reference photo. The best portraits are based on photos in which filters and other forms of post-processing aren’t used and where the subject (human or animal) is clearly seen.
•    The portraits I create are from the shoulders up, so a reference image that reflects the subject cropped in that way is ideal.
•    Specify any color preferences you have for the portrait in an email sent to me at shayleicontacts[at] and include your name/username while using the email address you would like to be contacted at so I can update you with the progress of the piece and the final file.
•    After you make the purchase and I receive your email with the aforementioned reference photo and color preference, I’ll get started on your project. When the portrait is close to being done I’ll send you a watermarked version of the most current draft.
•    If you approve of the almost completed work, I’ll add my finishing touches and send you the finalized piece. If you see anything within that version that you want me to change before the final version is sent, let me know in this portion of the process and I’ll fix it to your liking.
•    I can only allow for one round of fixes to ensure that you receive your portrait in a timely manner, so your honest opinion in this next to final stage ensures I can make the portrait as great as you want it to be.
•    For any questions or concerns involving if the reference photo you have in mind is suitable or not, email me at shayleicontacts[at] and I’ll let you know if I can use it for the project before you add it to your cart.
•    All sales are final & I don't allow for exchanges. I do my best to ensure that you know exactly what you will receive before you make your purchase, and in the case of commissions, I ensure throughout the process that you have a good understanding of what your final product will look like. 

Copyright Notice:
•    The portraits created from this listing are for personal use as opposed to commercial use. 
•    Personal use can mean anything from using them on various social networks to giving them to friends and family as gifts, while commercial use would be attempting to resell the portraits for profit.
•    I retain the copyright for the resulting portraits and can use the resulting work in my portfolio as well as on various social networks (Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) as an example of the type of art I create.

Additional Info:
•    Portraits will take 1-2 weeks on average to complete
•    If you need your order rushed, email me at shayleicontacts[at] before you buy the portrait and I’ll let you know if I’ll be able to make it happen as soon as possible.t

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